Remedial Treatments

  • Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
  • Dry Cupping
  • Kinesiology Taping

Relaxation Treatments

  • Swedish Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Post-Natal Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Hand Massage

Head and Face Massages

  • Jaw Rehabilitation (TMJ Dysfunction)
  • Headache Relief Therapy
  • Cold Stone Face Massage
  • Indian Head Massage

Clinical Treatments

  • Oncology Massage
  • ScarWork Therapy
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (From Early 2022)

Stone Therapies

  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Cold Stone Therapy

Remedial Treatments

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue

The perfect massage for any people who have muscle tension or pain, or those who do a lot of sports. Sports Massage and Deep Tissue use a variety of techniques that work with the muscle and fascia, slowly getting into the deepest layers to reduce tension, improve range of motion and help to prevent injuries. A sport/deep tissue massage, while at times uncomfortable, should not be excessively painful.

These treatments include a 10-15 minute postural assessment for your first appointment, and potentially follow up assessments at later points in your treatment. If you do not wish to have a postural assessment please let me know prior to your appointment.

Treatments can incorporate dry cupping, hot/cold stones or kinesiology taping into a session at no additional charge.

Dry Cupping

Cupping therapy uses negative pressure (away from the body) by suctioning the soft tissue, rather than traditional massage techniques which use positive pressure (into the body). Dry cupping stretches the fascia and muscles. Cupping can reach as deep as 4 inches into the tissue, but is not at all painful, so it’s a great way to relieve muscular tension. (Please note – while the treatment is not painful like deep tissue, it can be slightly uncomfortable, with a pulling sensation.)

Kinesiology Taping

(Initial – £25, Follow Up – £15)

Kinesiology Taping is great way of prolonging the benefits of massage after treatment, and is often called a therapist’s “second hands” because of this. K taping works by support the area it is applied to, helps to lift the tissue below, which can help adhesions to unstick. It supports but it does not restrict, allowing full range of motions to the areas applied. Taping can be left on for 5 days after application, and full aftercare advice will be given during your appointment.

Relaxation Treatments

Swedish Massage

A gentle relaxing massage, using long strokes and mobilisation techniques with light to medium pressures. Swedish massages are great for anyone who just wants to feel completely relaxed, or if you are quite sensitive to pain, then this is great way to start having massages.

Pregnancy or Post-Natal Massage

Pregnancy (pre-natal) massage is great for relieving the tension and muscular pain associated with pregnancy. This treatment can help to ease discomfort as your body changes and your baby grows; whilst also giving you some time to yourself.

Post Natal massages are great for helping you to unwind from the birth, help your muscles to recover, and additionally for you to cope with the emotional side of bringing a new life into the world.

Foot or Hand Massage

Your hands and feet are often neglected when it comes to massage, as they are seen as small or insignificant body parts, but this is not true. Your feet carry you around all day, while your hands are an important interface for interacting with the world, and they deserve the same care and attention as the rest of your body. Foot and hand massages both include a variety of lighter and firm techniques, as well as stretches. You can have this treatment as either just hands, just feet or both hands and feet in a single session. Hot stones, cupping and kinesiology taping can be included in these treatments at no additional cost.

Head & Face Massages

Jaw Rehabilitation (TMJ Dysfunction)

Jaw Rehab is a treatment focused on dealing with facial and jaw pain, which often result in headaches, migraines, tension and other such symptoms. Jaw rehab treatments involve both inter-oral (outside of the mouth) and intra-oral (inside of the mouth) techniques along with assessment and massage of the whole face, neck and shoulders. This treatment can provide relief to the often overlooked muscular issues involving the jaw and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint).

Headache Relief Therapy

A head and face massage to relieve headaches, migraines and sinus pain. This treatment utilises a variety of techniques including soft tissue release and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM).

Cold Stone Face Massage

A face massage to relieve inflammation and reduce pain with the use of frozen marble stones. This is incredibly soothing and relaxing.

Indian Head Massage

(45 Minutes only – £40)

A seated head massage to help ease tension in the shoulders, neck, head and face. Indian Head Massage utilises a range of techniques, including both lighter and deeper pressures, and where necessary stretches, trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques, to ease tension whilst also helping you to feel incredibly relaxed.

Clinical Treatments

Oncology Massage

This type of massage is for clients who currently have cancer, or who have recently gone into remission. An oncology massage can help to relieve symptoms of cancer treatments, as well as aid relaxation, improve sleep, as well as to help increase comfort levels and quality of life. I am fully trained in oncology massage, including providing massages to those currently undergoing medical treatments, receiving palliative care or who are in the recovery stages of their illness.

ScarWork Therapy

ScarWork Therapy is a specialist series of techniques created by Sharon Wheeler, with the aim of improving the physical and visual aspects of a scar. Scars can often become “stuck” to the deeper layers of tissue, which can be a cause of pain, discomfort and also make the scar look distorted. ScarWork Therapy works to release these problems, and can also help to reduce the “ropey” nature of some scars, as well as help the scar to look visually improved. I am fully qualified to provide Sharon Wheeler’s unique ScarWork techniques. For more information click here.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Coming Soon… in late 2021

Stone Therapies

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy is an incredibly indulgent treatment, using heated volcanic basalt to warm the muscles and help to reduce pain in the body, while also helping you to relax. The heat from the stones is incredibly soothing, and will ease tightness and tension in muscles, while also encouraging relaxation and better sleep.

Cold Stone Massage

Cold stone therapy is a refreshing treatment, that uses frozen marble stone to help relieve inflammation and ease pain associated with swelling. This treatment may sound chilly, but it is incredibly effective at relieving everyday aches and pains, as well as those related to muscular injuries and dysfunction.

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