Scar Tissue Therapy

Scar Tissue Therapy is a gentle treatment that helps to improve the visual and physical aspects of a scar. Treatments involve a combination of techniques, including the renowned ScarWork Therapy that was developed by Sharon Wheeler with the aim of integrating the scar tissue into the fascia (connective tissue that envelopes the entire body internally). These techniques help to reduce restriction and tightness in the tissue, and helps to improve the visual appearance of the scar. I was taught by Emma Holly, a leading ScarWork Teacher and Therapist in the UK. Other techniques used include instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation and massage.

Scar tissue does not just cause problems in the local area of the body that it is in. It can also cause pain, discomfort and restrictions elsewhere. For example a C Section scar can cause back pain and leave individuals unable to stand up without feeling pulling and tightness in their abdomen.

FAQs about Scar Tissue Therapy

What scars can be helped through Scar Tissue Therapy?

Most scars can be helped with Scar Tissue Therapy, including surgical scars, trauma or injury related scars, burn scars and many others. The deeper the scar is, the more layers of tissue are affected, and therefore the more likely the scar is to cause restrictions and other such problems.

What is the earliest my scar can be worked on?

For a surgical scar, the minimum time frame before treatment can begin is 6-8 weeks, however often the timeframe ends up being 12-16 weeks depending on how long healing takes place. Complications like infections prolong the healing time as well, so treatments may have to be delayed further.

As a general rule of thumb for all scars, the wound needs to be completely healed before treatment can begin, however a full consultation will be carried out prior to any treatment taking place.

Will it help an old/mature scar?

It does not matter how old the scar is, Scar Tissue Therapy can help scars of all ages. Even scars that are many decades old can be improved through this treatment.

How often will I need treatments?

This depends on the nature and age of the scar. Generally, younger scars will require shorter treatments more frequently, while older scars will need longer treatments spaced further apart. It will take a series of sessions for the scar to change significantly, however I cannot really provide a timeframe as all scars heal differently.

How many treatments will I need?

Again this depends on the scar, and also on your lifestyle/budget. It also depends on how much improvement you are looking for. The effects of Scar Tissue Therapy can be felt from the very first treatment. Potentially you could have treatments for many months or even years, it really depends on what you are hoping to achieve from the treatment. It will take more than one treatment for significant changes however.

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