Refer a Friend

*How the referral works:

  • You (the referrer) must have had at least 1 treatment with me prior to a referral.
  • Your friend who is referred must have never had a treatment with me.
  • Both parties get 20%, however you only get the discount once your friend has booked and had their treatment. Your friend gets the discount on their first treatment (unless they happen to want to save it for later).
  • You can use the discount at any point after your friend has had their appointment.

If you are the friend:

  • Please confirm when you book your appointment that you have been referred, and let me know who referred you.
  • I may check with the person who made the referral to verify this.

How long will this offer be available?

  • There is currently no planned end date for this offer. It will run at least until the end of 2022 but it is likely that I will extend it beyond this.
  • While unlikely, I do reserve the right to end this offer without warning and without reason. I will honour any booked appointments under this offer that are booked before the offer is ended.

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