Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This beautifully relaxing treatment is very gentle and not at all painful. The aim of the treatment is to simply help the body do what it does naturally, with some guidance if it’s not quite keeping up. 

In the circulatory system the arteries divide into capillaries in the tissue, which releases all of the nutrients the cells need. The fluid the nutrients are delivered in also collect up cellular waste products. Up to 90% of this returns to the veins in the circulatory system. 

Some of the fluid cannot return via this pathway, so the lymphatic vessels pick up this fluid. The lymphatic system then returns the fluid back into the circulatory system. 

The circulatory system has the heart to help pump the blood around the body, but the lymphatic system does not have this. Therefore the lymphatic system relies on muscular contraction to move the lymph through the lymphatic system. 

Most of the time this all happens perfectly. However, in those who have limited mobility, there isn’t enough muscular contraction to get the lymphatic system moving. This is where manual lymphatic drainage can help, by encouraging the lymph to drain back into the circulatory system. 

What can it help with?

  • Reducing fluid retention and oedema.
  • Helping to aid the lymphatic system for those who have limited mobility.
  • Helping with post-surgery recovery (especially cosmetic surgeries).
  • Relieve puffiness in the face as well as sinus issues.
  • Treatment on the face allows for relieving puffiness and sinus issues.
  • This treatment is NOT safe in those with lymphoedema however, this requires medical treatment.  

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