Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping is a great way of getting support between treatments. Kinesiology tape supports soft tissue and joints, by lifting the skin and allowing for a decompression of the tissue. This lifting helps to increase the space in a joint by about 1mm – which although small makes an incredible difference to the joint. All of this combined helps to provide support, reduce pain and improve the range of motion in the joint.

The tape generally makes the biggest difference during periods of activity – where pain can become a hugely limiting factor. The tape does not hinder movement since it is designed to mimic human skin, so you can do all of your normal activities without a worry.

When kinesiology tape is applied, multiple pieces will be cut to size, and placed on the skin using some tension in the tape to provide the correct level of support. There are different colours and patterns you can pick from, but they all work the same. Some tapes are specifically designed for those with sensitive skin or for swimmers who need a stronger adhesive to keep the tape on. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to adhesives, plasters or any of the components of the tape then you should not have taping, as it can lead to blistering, itching and other issues.

For more advice on taping, please see my aftercare sheet.

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