Last updated – 13th June 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, this page outlines important information for your appointments.

I follow all of the current guidance to keep you safe. This is what I am doing to keep you safe:

  1. Space between clients – To avoid congestion between clients I block out an hour after each client. This gives me time to sanitise surfaces, the massage couch, door handles etc; to change all covers and towels, and also thoroughly wash my arms and hands.
  2. PPE – I wear all of the required PPE, including a visor and face mask. Clients are required to wear a mask when entering the clinic, and during the consultation. During the treatment, your mask may need to be removed during some treatments. I will advise you of the requirements during your consultation.
  3. For purposes of track and trace, I keep a record of every client I see (which I did before covid too) and I may be required to provide this information to the NHS if requested.
  4. Clients are required to confirm they have not had covid symptoms/tested positive, been in contact with anyone who has tested positive/had symptoms or are required to self isolate.
  5. If you have had the vaccine within the past 48 hours, please make me aware. If you feel unwell it may be better to postpone your treatment until a later date, as your body is dealing with the vaccine.
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