Clinical Treatments

Clinical treatments aim to provide support for symptoms or conditions. Clinical massage treatments are not curative, however they may encourage healing. I will be offering manual lymphatic drainage and scar therapy from Winter 2021. Further information about the different types of treatment can be found at the bottom of this page.

To book an appointment go to the contact page or book online.

60 Minutes – £50 | 90 Minutes – £70

15 Mins – £20 | 30 Mins – £30 | 60 Mins – £50

Information About Treatment Types

Oncology Massage

This type of massage is for clients who currently have cancer, or who have recently gone into remission. An oncology massage can help to relieve symptoms of cancer treatments, as well as aid relaxation, improve sleep, as well as to help increase comfort levels and quality of life. I am fully trained in oncology massage, including providing massages to those currently undergoing medical treatments, receiving palliative care or who are in the recovery stages of their illness.

ScarWork Therapy

ScarWork Therapy is a specialist series of techniques created by Sharon Wheeler, with the aim of improving the physical and visual aspects of a scar. Scars can often become “stuck” to the deeper layers of tissue, which can be a cause of pain, discomfort and also make the scar look distorted. ScarWork Therapy works to release these problems, and can also help to reduce the “ropey” nature of some scars, as well as help the scar to look visually improved. I am fully qualified to provide Sharon Wheeler’s unique ScarWork techniques. For more information click here.

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