Azurite Wellness is a Professional Sports Massage Clinic based inside META Evolution Gym in Chatham, Kent. My name is Tilly and I own Azurite Wellness. I love helping clients to rehabilitate pain and muscular dysfunction, as well as help them to boost their mental wellbeing. The range of treatments I offer give you the best of both worlds, and I have a fully holistic approach to every treatment – considering your goals and what you want to get out of your treatment.

I combine all of the techniques I have learnt over the years to make each treatment completely unique to you, and I am always keeping up to date with the latest techniques and research. I specialise in Sports Massage, ScarWork Therapy, Oncology Massage and Massage for Mental Wellness. I am fully qualified and insured for all the treatments I offer.

Azurite Wellness is my own small business that I operate by myself, which means I go above and beyond for every single one of my clients. It also means I have extensive qualifications for all of the treatments I offer, so you can expect the best quality and care.

My blog on health and wellness is Azurite Health.

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